Article: Michael McKean

Friend of the show, Andy Hoglund, recently had a chance to talk with comedy legend and SNL alumnus Michael McKean. He's distilled this interview down into a fun and insightful article which can be found over at Vulture.


"Michael McKean is one of comedy’s best character actors and has been for decades. “A straight man who can do a joke,” in his own words. In a pre-streaming world, McKean’s work as a comic foil was practically inescapable on cable television: Airheads, Coneheads, The Brady Bunch MovieClue.

Beginning with his work in Laverne & Shirley, McKean’s been a steady TV presence, his guest appearances on shows like Friends living on in perpetuity thanks to syndication. And more recently, McKean drew critical acclaim as Chuck McGill on AMC’s Better Call Saul, yet another professional peak and an impressive addition to a lengthy career that, of course, includes This Is Spinal Tap....."

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For those who are interested in listening to Andy and Michael’s conversation in its entirety, you can stream or download the full, unabridged audio below.

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Andy Hoglund writes for The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, Slate and Vulture, among others. Andy also writes SNL in Review, which discusses the film careers of Saturday Night Live alumni post-SNL. Connect with Andy on Twitter: @SNLinReview