Article: Chris Kattan

Friend of the show, Andy Hoglund, recently had a chance to talk with SNL alumnus Chris Kattan. He's distilled this interview down into a fun and insightful article which can be found over at Paste Magazine.

"Tonight, Chris Kattan stands on the Laugh Boston stage with a slight cold, his eyes glancing outside at the clouds and bleak sprawl leading to the Westin’s driveway. Tomorrow, a blizzard will besiege Boston, largely confining him to his room until his next gig..."

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For those who are interested in listening to Andy and Chris' conversation in its entirety, you can stream or download the full, unabridged audio below.

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Andy Hoglund writes for Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, Slate and Vulture, among others. Andy also writes SNL in Review, which discusses the film careers of Saturday Night Live alumni post-SNL. Connect with Andy on Twitter: @SNLinReview