Dwayne Johnson / Katy Perry, S42-E21

John and Steve—along with their special guest, comedian Kendall Ketchum—discuss the Hanks/Comey connection, Darrell Hammond as comedy mentor, Hanks upstaging The Rock, Xentrex shades of Annuale, Drunk Uncle's joke appropriation, and immaculately juicy crescendo farts.

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  • Kendall Ketchum is a New-York-based actor and stand-up comedian, hailing from the Mississippi Delta. Connect with Kendall at: kendallketchum.com
  • Best moment: Hawt Clown, "God, the sex is good" & David S. Pimpkins
  • Best sketch: Rap Song, World's Most Evil Invention & Scorpio
  • MVP: Bobby Moynihan
  • Rating: 7 (classic/typical/weak)

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