Chris Pine / LCD Soundsystem, S42-E19

John and Steve—along with comedian Matthew Hawkins—discuss Chris Pine as song-and-dance man, DunkAroo fuelled 90s kids show nostalgia, synth fuelled 90s R&B nostalgia, LCD Soundsystem owning their look, Bobby channelling Farley, and a very, very heavy burtation tonight.

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  • Matthew Hawkins is a comedian and impressionist hailing from Toronto Ontario. Connect with Matt on Twitter: @theMimicHawkins
  • YouTube video of Serene Branson's on-air "heavy burtation" incident.
  • Best moment: Bobby's lip-sync dance, Rockapella sings & Sasheer as the chief
  • Best sketch: The House, SWAT Recon & Auto Shop
  • MVP: LCD Soundsystem dancing guy & Bobby Moynihan
  • Rating: 5 (typical/weak/typical)

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