Jimmy Fallon / Harry Styles, S42-E18

John and Steve—along with their special guest, comedian Eric Schwartz—discuss Jimmy Fallon's comedy-free monologue party, in-studio Travolta switcharoos, the reinvention of Harry Styles as a solo artist, the polarizing comedy stylings of Bruce Chandling, and the millennial whoop.

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  • Eric Schwartz is a comedian, actor, voiceover artist, musician and innovative content creator. Connect with Eric at: ericschwartzlive.com
  • Best moment: Fallon plays both Travoltas, Film extra makes the shot & Fat catchy hook
  • Best sketch: Turtle Shirt, Take Me Back & Before the Show
  • MVP: Harry Styles, Vanessa Bayer & Cecily Strong
  • Rating: 7 (great/typical/typical)

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