Alec Baldwin / Ed Sheeran, S42-E14

John and his guest, Matthew Hawkins, discuss the fury of Melissa McCarthy, Alec Baldwin's cool Batman voice, Alex Moffat's shades of David Spade, optimal meat positioning and ideal tentpole placement (that's what she said), and Sasheer Zamata's worthy take on Beyoncé.

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  • Matthew Hawkins is a comedian and impressionist hailing from Toronto Ontario. Connect with Matt on Twitter: @theMimicHawkins
  • Full audio of Andy Hoglund's interview with Chris Kattan.
  • Best moment: Spicer's podium rampage & Sasheer's chocolate disgust
  • Best sketch: Sean Spicer Press Cold Open & Leslie Wants to Play Trump
  • MVP: Alec Baldwin
  • Rating: 7 (great/typical)

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